How Many Beers In A Case? | Read In Irish Setter Pub

How Many Beers Are In A Case?

If you are a fan of beer or have recently picked up a taste for hoppy IPAs and malty lagers, chances are you’re familiar with one of the most commonly asked beer-related questions: “how many beers in a case?” Whether it’s your first time stocking up on craft beer or frequently stocking bar fridges, getting …

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How Much Does A Keg Weigh? | Find Out Here Irish Setter Pub

How Much Does A Keg Weigh?

Are you hosting a party and trying to determine how much space you’ll need for your drinks? One popular option is purchasing a keg of your favorite beverages. But, do you know how much does a keg weigh? This blog post will shed some light on the weight differences between various styles of kegs, so …

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